When coming to see me please do not mention donations. I prefer for you to come in and immediately place your donation down on the end table closest to the chair in an unsealed envelope or greeting card. Then go wash up. Tips are appreciated!  Any rude comments or behavior will result in ending our time together, my time will still be compensated for. I have boundaries that will be kept!


Screening clients is mandatory. if we have met i can be available within 3hours hrs. if we haven't met then a 24 hours notice & screening will be required. Newbies are welcome,Selfie ID required. I do not accept references unless I personally know the provider, I will give you a reference up to 6 months after our date.

The Booking Form is mandatory if you want to see me. Please give me all the information I ask for.

A Deposit is required via Cashapp or Venmo.

A tip is customary. I love gifts! I do accept e-gift cards to Torrid as a tip my email is for the e-gift card.

Do NOT show up early I AM getting ready and this will cut into your time with me. 

I have two little dogs, so hopefully you're a dog lover.

Hygiene Is So Important!!

As a professional woman who takes great pride in her cleanliness & appearance. I do require that you have taken a shower right before you come to see me or you are more then welcome to use my shower, (dont make me ask--because I will ask and I wont be pleasant about) please scrub under your finger nails. Towels and sundries are available for your convenience.. Brush your teeth before you come over and floss the day before you come see me, A breath mint  or a stick of gum is always nice.


Want to gift me something I want?


Torrid E-gift cards, Vanilla Visa Cards, Take a look at my Amazon Wish List I have it listed on twitter.

A photography shoot and you get to have copies of all the pictures!!

See Below(that little blue button, really turns me on) the one  thing i really love is CASH! After all, cash pays the bills!

Wanting to bring me something SEXY to wear?


Here are my sizes:

Bra Size 44dd-my bra's can be found at Torrid or Lane Bryant.

Panties size 3x. I prefer silky.

Stocking size Queen

I really want a sheer robe with the fluffy cuffs and trim, size 3X, you can find on Amazon.

Wanting to get me something fast & easy?


Gift cards are always an easy way to go!

Places I like to shop:

Torrid, Target, Wal-Mart, Uber, UberEats, DoorDash, Amazon, Hy-Vee, PetSmart, PetCo, Lane Bryant, True Religion, Lush, Uggs,  Menards, Old Navy, Visa gift Cards and Bath n, Body Works.

Places I like to eat:

 Texas Road House, Cheddar's, Vivian's Soul Food, Panda Express, and Pa-pa Murphys, Olive Garden, Buffalo Wild Wings, Subway, and Red Robin.