Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

I am a BBW based in Cedar Rapids, IA. I do travel around the Midwest. Please inquire about your city. and put a deposit down, that will get me to you the fastest.

What is your Donation?

Please do not contact me asking me such questions.

Are you available on short notice late at night?

Absolutely NOT, Please book an appointment during normal business hours. (before 10 pm) Do not text me saying "hey", "where are you", "how much", any rude or unscrupulous comments will not get a response!

Cancellation Policy

If I Cancel Our Appointment

If I cancel our appointment due to an emergency I will gladly refund your booking fee deposit.

If You Cancel Less Than 48 Hours Before

25% Will be charged but, it will go for future appointments.

Do not Do This! "Canceling less than 24 hour notice"

You forfeit your deposit and it does NOT go toward other appointments. ~Sorry but I have a busy schedule and cant miss out on business because I was already booked & you gave less than 24/HR notice.  **If you cancel 3 times you will owe an extra %50 before I will entertain booking an appointment with you.**