Screening is Mandatory & At No Cost to You for 2019, Starting 1/1/2020 Screening will be $25

First thing first, I'm so happy you found my website and I hope we can build a lasting connection...If you are seeking time with me you will fill out my booking form. Screening is free until 1/1/2020!

 If we have met before i can be available within 2-4 hours (or sometimes less)--because I've screened you and know you and you don't need screened. If i have never met you before i will need 24 hours notice for screening purposes. Please fill out the booking form this will get you screened at no cost (for 2019)--I need this information, so I can verify your information. Verifying  you is the most important key to getting you scheduled for your ideal date and time. You should feel more confident & comfortable knowing that I screen new friends, this insures your safety, my safety and piece of mind for the both of us.